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Who is Bjana’s Eye Photography?

Name: Bjana C. Carbonaro (Hoey)

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Bjana’s Eye Photography

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Location: Charleston, SC but I do not charge travel fees for Columbia, SC

  About Me: I am 33 and going strong. I was born in Pittsburgh, PA but have spent enough time in Columbia, SC to call "Home" as well. I have lived all over SC but I am currently living in the BEAUTIFUL city of Charleston, SC. I started my BA in Fine Arts with a concentration in Photography at Coker College in 2004. I was not happy with the Art program so I left my Junior year and finished my Associate in Arts  from Midlands Technical College in 2007. In 2008 I had a studio location in Lexington, SC but closed the doors after the economy slowed down. I did most of my shoots on location, so it did not change anything. I shoot primary digital but I will always have a special place in my heart for Black and white film. 

Im currently expecting my third child, another girl! Emersyn Sloan! 
We are patiently waiting for her arrival. Due date is March 2017!

How long have you been into photography? I always had a camera with me growing up! I was the one my friends counted on to get the pictures. My 8th grade year is when I started taking more of an interest in Photography. Photography is my passion, but its also more than that... Its a part of me. Ive dedicated a huge part of my life to this art form and I haven't looked back once. I am the biggest critic of my work, but when hearing from my clients that my photographs have brought tears of joy to others, lets me know I am where I am suppose to be.

Camera(s): Nikon D600 is my main camera and I have a Nikon D90 for my back up! ( I have a Nikon D50, but don’t use as much anymore ) , I also have a Nikon N75 Film Camera.

Lenses: The main lens I use is an 18-105mm and a 50mm

Flash or Strobe Equipment? I have both, but also work with natural light too.

Home Studio, In Studio, or On Location: I opened a studio in Lexington in June 2008, but closed the doors and decided to do everything on location. So I COME TO YOU :D
I have space in my house I use as a "home studio" as well when needed. 

Favorite time of the day to shoot: I love shooting at all times of the day. You can get so many colors and shades. All though the worst is the middle of the afternoon on a SC Hot July Day! I have recently discovered shooting first thing in the morning! Defiantly my favorite - especially with the sc heat!

Favorite outdoor setting: There’s so many!! I love tall grass and fields. Old barns, trucks, anything to add a statement to a picture but also allowing the subject to stand out.

Favorite subject/age to shoot: Well I absolutely love to shoot Maternity and Newborns. It’s so much fun. But I have to say my favorite is Bridal and Weddings…

Shoot Weddings? OF COURSE!! One of my favorite things to do!!

Flash, Natural Light, or Both? Both

Editing Software: I have Photoshop , as well as Light Room

Computer (MAC or PC):
I love MAC’s, defiantly prefer a MAC, but Im working with a 

PC for now…

What you've learned the most in the past year:
Been spending a lot of time on learning new posing techniques as well as camera set ups. PATIENCE is a must – especially with little kids.  I know most of my clients on a personal basis, so I use that as my strong point

What you intend to improve on in the coming year:
Working on the “business” side of my business. Finding out a happy middle between affordable prices, and turning a profit. Props are not cheap and not something I have to have, but love to use.

Your Strengths:
I think my personality, and patience. I'm comfortable with new people, which in turn makes them more comfortable with me. I'm flexible, I understand babies and kids are fussy, and sometimes husbands too! hehe. I always schedule more time than needed and sometimes we still run over. I don’t charge a sitting fee and I don’t charge per hour as I know time is needed and Patience is a plus!

Your Weaknesses:
Marketing and finding new clients. Most of my clients are word of mouth – which in cases can be the best marketing. But I want people to hear my name and say “Hey! I love your work”

Most valuable piece of information you have to give to others:
People are constantly asking me questions about Photography and how to take better pictures. I’ve always said Photography is not something you learn. You either have an eye for it or you don’t. Photography is an everyday learning experience. It’s something you need to research all the time. Read books, blogs, and websites. Look at other photographers work. Find a picture you like? Great!! Now what can you do to take the same picture and add your “style” to it or take it to the next level. One of my professors told me once if you take a picture and you love it. Hang it up – but next week when you come back to it, it should not be your favorite any more. As now you should be able to see the flaws in it and make it better. You should always grow from you work…. 

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