What To Wear

When you schedule your session, we can discuss clothing if you have specific questions. Clothing is a large part of making a beautiful portrait. You should also, take the location of our session into consideration when planning. Different settings may lead to different looks. Feel free to bring along several outfits and we can work together to select what clothes you fell represent you and your style - whatever that may be.

Newborns (less than one month) look best photographed with bare skin and no clothing. You'll want to remember those sweet rolls and soft new skin for years to come. Babies change so quickly and there is only a short period of time when you can capture the curled up and un-cluttered with out clothing. If you prefer to have portraits of your baby in a diaper, a solid white diaper cover is a great option to maintain a simple, clean look and keep the focus on your beautiful new baby. 

Older babies look adorable in soft and cuddly clothing or simply in a diaper cover. Accessories like hats and "baby legs" (leg warmers for babies) are also great and add fun colors! And of course be sure to include any blankets or stuffed animals that are special to you and your baby. 

I love to photograph people who feel great in what they are wearing! Whether its fun, trendy outfits or simple and traditional selections - make sure it says something about you. Clothing with texture, such as corduroy, denim, and sweaters, will always photograph beautifully and add depth to you portraits. I love photographing bright, fun colored clothing! Trends such as layers are fun to experiment with and try various looks. Look to clothing magazines for ideas and inspiration on putting together outfits!

Young girls cant go wrong with simple sundresses, either simple white or fun and colorful, in the summer. In the fall and winter months, I suggest having fun with layers, tights and accessories such as rain boots, jackets or hats (or all of the together).

Boys always look precious in overalls and a simple, plain shirt or none at all! Layered looks are also great- whether layering a cool t-shirt with a patterned button-up shirt underneath or vice-versa! Jeans or shorts with polo shirts are also a classic "boy" look. Accessories are a great way to add punches of color and texture to your portraits, Especially during the cooler months when scarves, knit hats and other items can be incorporated. Bright colored winter hats can really make your child's beautiful eyes just pop! 

Most importantly, select clothing that lets your child's personality shine through and helps to show who they are!

Teens and Adults 
Have fun with your clothes! If you prefer a simple, timeless look; solid blouses, sweaters or shirts with jeans are always classic looks. If you like to keep your overall clothing simple, consider using accessories to add punches of color. Bright colored heels or jewelry for women can add fun touches to simple, solid colored clothing. If you prefer trendy clothes, have fun putting together different looks. Select figure-flattering clothing that you feel great in! For ladies, natural make-up will be the most flattering for your portraits. A fresh, clean look wont create dated portraits. Soft hair and natural make-up will create beautiful portraits you'll be proud to show off for years to come.

Family Portraits
Long gone are the traditional portraits where every family member have to match from head-to-toe! Families look great when they dress in similar tones or coordinating colors - and when solids and soft patterns are mixed and matched. For example, if you would like to do various shades of red for a holiday portrait, some family members may wear solids with varying textures and tones of red and others might wear subtle prints and coordinating patterns. Dont forget to use accessories as another option to tie together colors.

Clothing You May Want to Avoid
It's best to avoid extremely busy or overly complicated patterns, logos and characters. These are distracting and can create a very dated look. For children, photographs always look beautiful with little bare feet (weather permitting of course). When shoes are needed, try to select those that compliment the outfit-and again, avoid large logos and characters if possible. I want your child to be the spotlight of the portraits, not their clothes. Formal, dressy clothing on children can be uncomfortable and may not produce the best images of your child. If you or your child is not comfortable in what they're wearing it will come across in the images (but dont go too casual in over-sized t-shirts or play clothes - these types of items tend to lead to more "snapshot" look in your portraits)

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