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Will you marry me

It all begins with that simple phrase – will you marry me? And with those words, a new chapter of your life unfolds. Everything you knew before is now defined in two – our friends, our family, our dreams. You plan for a new home, a new life, a new future together. You embark upon that journey at your wedding. Friends and family come together to enjoy the most sacred and emotional day of your life, one that you will want to remember forever. . . Almost everything about your wedding day is ephemeral. Invitations, once posted are gone, cake is eaten, flowers wilt, and bands eventually pack up and go home. After all is said and done, the only wedding professional delivering a product that is designed with the future in mind is your photographer.

It all starts with you!
What kind of photographs do you want on your wedding day? I already know the snappy comeback: “Beautiful ones!” Although that is one valid answer, there is much more to it than that….For example: Are you a traditionalist or are you freaked out by the whole thing?
Determine your personal style:

  1. Will the ceremony be in a traditional Church?
  2. Will there be a bridal party?
  3. Are you wearing a wedding gown with a train?  Headpiece? Vail?
  4. Do you plan on being walked down the aisle by your dad, both parents, or are you going alone?
  5. How close knit is your family? Do you want a separate photograph with every one of your siblings? Are your grandparents a big part of your life?
  6. Do you plan on arranging the day so that there is a specific time allotted for posed formal portraits?
  7. At the reception, do you want the band/leader to announce your grand entrance, first dance, toast and the cake cutting?
  8. Do you want a special announcement when you dance with your dad or when your husband dances with his mom?
  9. Do you want to throw your bouquet? Do you want the groom to throw your garter to the eligible bachelors?
  10. Do you want the garter catcher to put the garter on the bouquet catcher?

This is your one chance to capture this special moment in your life….one you’ll never have again. Why take chances? Trust Bjana’s Eye Photography for all your photography needs.

A la Carte Session Pricing: (With out purchasing a Wedding Package)