Miss Charleston Bjana {8 Days Old}

This precious {RAINBOW} baby is my daughter! She was born 32 days before her sister Payton's first Birthday...Our world was broken when Payton was born sleeping at 38weeks, But she made sure we had something to look forward too. Just 3 months after I had Payton, I was pregnant again with Miss Charleston! (you can read about my journey here)

I had so many ideas I wanted to do for her newborn shoot, but I did not know where to start. None the less, I got some really great shots of her. She did so well too.

{This is one of my favorite scarfs, so I had to use it as a background}

{I couldn't help myself... she looks like a baby doll here}

{I have a LOVE for sock monkeys, but who doesnt}

{I'm a photographer...so of course! - This is a scarf too}

{And} {Everyone knows I love {Snoopy}!!

{I saved the BEST for last - Dads a Clemson Fan}

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