Happy Holidays from Landon, Brooke, Dierks and Tanner!!

Brooke and Landon were such much fun to take pictures of!! 
These dogs are so precious and I was impressed how well they behaved. 
They make such a lovely family!! 
Happy Holidays from Landon, Brooke, Dierks and Tanner!!

Polyak Family

A few shots from the Polyak Family Shoot! 
I always enjoy taking pictures of the Polyak Family! 
They are so much fun and such a beautiful Family! 
These were taken on their property!
Turned out to be such a pretty day!

Merry Christmas From the Polyak Family! 


Fulda Gap 2011

These are some of my pictures from this years Fulda Gap in Hickory NC!! Paintball is a passion of mine to shoot! I love the action and the combination of relaxation all in one. I love being able to be in the middle of "The City" with balls coming in every direction just as much as I love the parts im in the woods laying on the ground just waiting for someone to walk by! Paintball is an awesome sport and you get to meet some amazing people who have just as much love for it as I do taking pictures of the sport. You can find some of my photos in Paintball X3 magazine as well.